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Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, St Paul, Minneapolis

“The Dreams We Carry” is soon to be installed suspended artwork for the Minneapolis - St.Paul International Airport. We reached out to the airport community both virtually and in-person with the question: You’re offered a one-way ticket wherever you’d like to go. Who knows when you’ll return? All the necessities and modern conveniences will be there. What three things would you take along? We spoke with over 1,000 individuals and received written feedback, stories, and images from more than 230 participants. The responses ranged from the practical to the imaginary, including a favorite pair of hiking books, a grandmother’s jar of buttons, an indestructible family photo and simply: time. This input was reimagined into a cloud-like composition of floating suitcases and bags swirling in the center of the rotunda, carrying within them the pieces of the multiple narratives that tell the story of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

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