“I am interested in the traces of human activity; the evidence, impressions and energies that we leave behind and that imprint layer upon layer over time like a patina, absorbing into the structures and systems of our physical world, transforming them into living entities of our collective thoughts, action and experiences. My work stems from a personal interest in deconstructing our preconceived notions of place and of who we are and what we are; breaking them down into the most basic elements of human and natural factors to better understand the unique sets of combinations and patterns that define a more nuanced interpretation of identity and cultural belonging.”

As an artist and environmental designer, Kipp Kobayashi has a keen interest in the nature of human interaction in our public environments and is in constant search for ways to initiate dialogue and to promote sociability within these spaces. His work explores how these overlapping narrative threads merge with the physical characteristics of a specific environment implying broader issues of culture and identity. 


In a career spanning nearly two decades, Kobayashi has worked on over 30 public projects. He has been awarded commissions and has been invited to present ideas for cities across the nation and for such organizations as the Getty Museum, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, the Baltimore Red Line, Sound Transit and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority. In addition, he has participated in numerous discussion and selection panels as well as currently serving as an elected member of the Public Art Network Advisory Council which provides recommendations and insight to Americans for the Arts for the promotion, development and execution of public art services and resources nationwide. 


Based in Los Angeles, he received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, an MFA from the University of Southern California and has taught extensively at the Cal Poly Pomona School of Environmental Design.