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Eugene Airport, Eugene, Oregon, OR

The iconic forests of Eugene have served as a constant for the city since its founding, serving as the catalyst for prosperity through its generations. This led me to a study of the processes used to convert trees into lumber - man-made materials completely unrecognizable from their original forms. At the same time, aircraft construction techniques create sweeping forms from rigidly dimensioned materials. Playing back and forth off of these relationships, I began working with tree forms reimagined as assemblies of metal panels – a reverse engineering of the manufacturing of lumber.


Hovering above the main entryway, the installation will appear differently depending on where it is experienced or the time of day, at times presenting itself as an almost like a dream-like image while at others feeling more sculptural and real. It is intended to be both referential to the area’s history and culture but at the same time to maintain a mysterious or spiritual quality that acknowledges its past connections to the natural world.

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